The 7 chakras

The name chakra refers to a wheel or circle of energy in motion.

The 7 chakras are made up of three main regions:

- The lower three chakras are grouped from the base of the spine to the navel. They are called "kanda" or bulb, they constitute the region of fire, the kundalini awakens at this level. They act on the physical and vital functions

- The three higher chakras : Sahasrara, Ajna, Visshuddha form the head region. They form the "soma" or moon region; and possess qualities of reflection and contemplation.

- In the center, the Heart chakra which mediates between the two types of chakra groups.

The chakras are represented in the form of a lotus with a specific number of petals.

The chakras are connected to each other by 72000 nadis.

The practice of yoga cleanses the nadis and thus makes the flow of energy through the chakras and the entire body easier.


"The sole purpose of the spiritual life is to renounce all that is not ourselves, and to become what we really are."

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, dite Amma.

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