"Vata" in Sankrit means wind.

It corresponds to the elements Aether and Air. It represents all that is in motion in the body: catabolism.

Vata is responsible for all physical and physiological processes. It controls the elimination of waste from the body, the circulation of fluids and secretions. It also controls the feelings and emotions.

The seat of Vata in the body is mainly in the large intestine and colon, but also in the bones, legs, joints, nervous system,skin, bladder, ears, speech, touch.

So when this dosha is in excess, it is in these parts that we can find the signs of a vata imbalance.

The Vata dosha has the power to stimulate Pitta and Kapha, which cannot exist without it. Similarly, a proper balance of Vata depends on the amount of Pitta and Kapha.

A person of Vata nature does not stand still, often creative, and imaginative. She often has a tendency to worry. See article on PittaSee article on Kapha


"The sole purpose of the spiritual life is to renounce all that is not ourselves, and to become what we really are."

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, dite Amma.

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