Sattva guna

Gunas are essential in Ayurveda. According to Samkhya philosophy, every object in the universe knows and has 3 states of energy called Gunas.

These energy states are:

Spotting the predominant Guna in an individual contributes to the understanding of their psychological and physiological functioning.

SATTVA GUNA is the state of perfect Equilibrium.

On the scale of the Universe, Sattva is the creative force of the god Brahma. This Guna can be distinguished by the state of serenity, awakening of consciousness, intelligence, creativity, wisdom that characterizes the object that is under the dominion of Sattva Guna.

Thus, it results in Man virtues of humility, tolerance, understanding, peace, honesty, quest for truth.

Sattva is the state towards which we must strive to attain the state of health, longevity and happiness. This energetic state of great stability is attained by a good balance of the other 2 Gunas (Rajas Guna and Tamas Guna).


Desire nothing, renounce all desires and be happy.

Swami Sivananda

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