Rajas guna

The 3 Gunas are the psychic qualities of the mind and play a vital role in maintaining or deteriorating health:Sattva Guna (Balance) , Rajas Guna (Movement) and Tamas Guna (Inertia).
Rajas Guna is the second of the three qualities (gunas) of the universe. The name comes from the Sanskrit, "Rajas", meaning "passion" and guna, meaning "quality" or "attribute".
In the Universe, Rajas Guna represents the Protecting force of the god Vishnu.
Rajas guna is the quality of energy, movement, activity, ambition, motivation, action and change.
It is psychomotor restlessness, which can be experienced in states of stress. Rajas is the need to let off steam, to release the "overflow" of energy.
It is also the psychic energy: the creation of troubles, emotions, feelings. The predominance of this Guna over the other two, gives the individual an authoritarian, anxious, proud, ambitious character, a strong need for control, a difficulty to rest, to calm down.


"The sole purpose of the spiritual life is to renounce all that is not ourselves, and to become what we really are."

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, dite Amma.

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