Prana is all around us. Prana manifests itself in the wind, in what we draw from nature, in the energy of the food, water we ingest.

The meaning of this Sanskrit name is complex as it incorporates both the concepts of breath, the vital principle of breath as well as its organic manifestation in the breath.

Vital force consisting of the elements Air and Ether, Prana is our main life force that appears in us at the time of our conception until the time of our death. Its role is to ensure coherence between our body, soul and spirit.

When we inhale, Prana enters our body and flows along the nadis: Ida and Pingali, and then through all the nadis. The Vishuddha chakra (throat chakra) acts as the purification centre of the body. It is responsible for inhalation, swallowing food and drink, sneezing and swallowing.
The sign that Prana is at its equilibrium point is joy of living, as well as good vitality. Conversely, a disturbed Prana can lead to anxiety, asthma, insomnia, palpitations, persistent cough, headaches... If Prana cannot circulate properly, it creates harmful accumulations or even blockages. These can explain muscular contractions, a feeling of uneasiness, anxieties... Conversely, there can be empty spaces said to be lacking in energy.


Constantly thinking about illness will only intensify it. Keep that feeling of being 'healthy in body and mind'.

Swami Sivananda

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