What is Dinacharya

Dinacharya comes from the Sanskrit "Din": day and "Acharya": to feel, to tune in. Dinacharya means to tune in to natural rhythms by following daily rituals.Dinacharya is the establishment of rituals, habits that match the body's biological clock.

Why follow Dinacharya?

In Ayurveda, it is considered that the human being is subject to the influences of solar and lunar cycles. In order to feel fit, the human being must therefore follow these natural cycles. This means getting up at the same time as the sun, and building up your energy as the sun rises in the sky, and then gradually letting your energy go down as the sun goes down in the sky. Following an Ayurvedic routine allows one to be more efficient throughout the day, as the individual works according to his own nature: - From sunrise to 10am: qualities associated with Kaphadominate the environment;- From 10am to 12/14pm (when the sun reaches its zenith): qualities associated with Pitta dominate;- From 2pm to 6pm: Vata rules- From 6pm to 10pm: Kapha dominates;- From 10pm to 2am: Pitta rules;- From 2am to 6am: Vata dominates.

Rituals to do every morning

1-Wake up earlyIt is advisable to wake up just before sunrise, during the last 3 hours of the night which corresponds to the Brahma time. A period which corresponds to the Vata period. Getting up at this time allows the body and mind to imbibe the Vata qualities during the day, namely inspiration, lightness, liveliness, dynamism. Waking up after sunrise, corresponds to the Kapha period so the qualities of Kapha will direct the day, namely heaviness, heaviness, slowness.2.Washing the faceWhen waking up, it is good to refresh the eyes and the face with fresh water, as well as to rinse the mouth. This ritual marks the end of the night, and wakes up.5.wash the noseIn Ayurveda, the nose is considered as the door of the spirit it is thus important to wash it every morning. This ritual helps to clear the sinuses, improve your voice, your vision and your lucidity. You can familiarize yourself with this practice with a seawater spray sold in pharmacies, to later use a Jala Neti6- Scratch your tongueScratching your tongue gently, from back to front allows you to evacuate bacteria (whitish deposit), improve digestion and stimulate the organs. Brush your teethBeware of the toothpaste used, most contain toxic chemicals. Ayurvedic medicine recommends using a stick of neem, licorice or siwak for your dental care. I personally use an ayurvedic toothpaste made of siwak.8- Clean your ears3 to 4 drops of sesame oil very lightly heated in each ear every morning will get rid of your buzzing, excess earwax. 9- Massage your body with essential oilsWarm your body and improve your internal circulation with a body and head massage. With lightly heated sesame oil for Vata, lightly heated coconut or sunflower oil for Pitta and sunflower oil for Kapha. If you don't have time, just massage your joints.10- Wash your bodyTake a shower to eliminate your impurities while recharging your energy. 11- Go to the bathroomThe morning trip to the bathroom will also allow your body to purify itself. Installing the routine of drinking water and then going to the bathroom will allow your body to get used to cleansing itself every morning.12- Exercise Ideally practice your daily yoga exercises like the sun salutation. This will improve blood circulation, strength, flexibility, endurance, digestion... You can also opt for another activity like walking, swimming or simple stretching. 13-Drink waterPrefer water to tea or coffee when you get up. Drinking warm or room temperature water will cleanse your digestive tract and gently wake up your kidneys.14-Breath! Practice pranayamaPerform some deep breathing exercises Pranayamas. Breathing can have a tremendous influence on our body and mind. The effects on reducing stress levels are almost immediate.There you go, you're ready -es to start your day off right! This daily routine can help you maintain your inner balance and harmony. However, the effect is not immediate. Only by renewing these habits over the weeks will you notice the change ;-)!


Constantly thinking about illness will only intensify it. Keep that feeling of being 'healthy in body and mind'.

Swami Sivananda

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