Meaning "circle of unlimited power": Consisting of the mind, spirit

Ajna is represented by a lotus with 2 horizontal white petals which represent the flows of Ida and Pingala joining at this level. Inside the 2 petals, Ham (Shiva) and Ksam (Shakti) which represent the union of masculine and feminine, the union of lunar and solar energy.Its color is dark blue.The meaning attached to it is intuition.
Ajna is the center of spiritual knowledge, of wisdom. It is related to the spiritual world. It governs memory and intellect, imagination, sense of selflessness, benevolence, intuition and spiritual seeking.It is also the center of perception and discernment.

In case of imbalance it leads to guilt, an inability to discern priorities, egocentrism, the refusal of the hazards of life. It is then translated by anxiety, a lack of discernment, negative thoughts, a lack of concentration, learning difficulties. The individual is hesitant, suggestible.

In balance: concentration, keen intellect, intuition, imagination, clear vision of situations, organized thoughts, detachment towards gain, success, life events, positivism.


Do not dwell on your past mistakes and failures as this will fill your mind with sorrow, regret and depression. Do not repeat these mistakes in the future.

Swami Sivananda

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