A few words about Ashtanga

Ashtanga was introduced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1975.This style of yoga involves doing specific sequences of asanas (postures) that are done in a continuous, flowing, and consistent manner. One of the objectives of Ashtanga yoga is to maintain internal concentration through the practice in order to reach meditation. In Ashtanga the order of the asanas is completely predefined. A practice consists of four parts:-Starting the series: 5 Sun Salutation A and 5 B-Standing poses-Sitting poses-Final sequenceThe main series alone includes many spinal twisting poses, and many poses requiring strong arms and core strength, which develops over time. Ashtanga requires good coordination, and a little extra strengthIn addition to increasing focus and perception in the body, Ashtanga is also good for those who need cardiovascular activity as the movements can be performed quickly and the practice can actually increase the heart rate.Ashtanga also allows for an increased perception of fluidity of movement and a better sense of rhythm.It helps reduce one's stress. It increases fat burning., muscle toning and strength, as well as an increase in flexibility.


Do not dwell on your past mistakes and failures as this will fill your mind with sorrow, regret and depression. Do not repeat these mistakes in the future.

Swami Sivananda

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